Alte Waschk├╝che - Frau und Mann waschend


It is not possible to exactly date the first use of washing additives. The first soap recipe dates back to 2500 BC. Oil and potash (ash from burnt date palms or fir cones) were used. Ancient Romans also used festered, decomposed urine, which generated alkaline ammonia. This procedure turned the country´s launders into a prosperous caste. When imperator Vespasian (39-83 AD) tried to collect high taxes from launders even the imperial counsel protested. In reply the imperator coined the phrase "pecunia non olet" (Money has no smell).

During the course of the centuries soap was established as detergent. Curd and soft soap were the main detergents until the 20th century. In 1907 the first laundry detergent came on the market and has constantly been enhanced. The future trend of laundry detergents will probably be microemulsions which will make laundering even more effective. Moreover new procedures are to avoid discolouring in washing machines.